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It's Me!!

I started my IG page 2 years ago as a way to encourage people to see the potential they have inside of them to succeed in life. It's mind boggling for me to see how people are blind to their value and blessings. My goal is to remind you every day that you are amazing and so much more then you are giving yourself credit. I’m hoping to empower you to have faith and try anything you have always wanted to try. If I can make one person’s day better, than I’ve succeeded.

I’ll also take the opportunity to explain my site name “Mouille ton nez”, which literally translated means “wet your nose”. So, here is the deal with the name. When I was growing up in the summers at my families cottage, we would water ski and when people did my Mom would say…”Mouille ton nez” before the boat took off and pulled you up. The skier would reach into the water with their hand and touch their nose.The significance of doing so, was for luck, to not wipeout but, if you did happen to fall, well at least your nose was wet so the Northern water would not be so cold. Hilarious right? It makes no logical sense at all but we all did it. Every person that went up on ski, whether they were families or friends would wet their noses. At first it was just my Mom who would say it but, as the years went by, it go to a point all you hear is a chorus of “Hey…mouille ton nez”, “You didn’t wet your nose.” from everyone on the beach to the skier.

I grew up hearing this every summer and to me it signifies luck and being able to handle the wipeout if it happens.

So, unsure at how my page would be greeted. I “mouille ton nez” and posted my first IG holding on to the rope for the ride of my life. Like my family and friends on the beach, you guys have been so incredibly great, cheering me on and supporting me. I absolutely cannot wait to see how this journey will roll out and I could not ask for better people to share it with.

Thank you so much for all the love and support. God bless!

Love you 

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