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No one cares about your life but you

And that is ok!

You are the most important person in your life. You are the one calling the shots and you are the one you need to impress. Your successes are important to you and that is how it should be.

I’ll be the first to say, great job! Or there, there it will get better. But it ends there for me. I'm busy trying to impress myself.

Let’s face it, we are all into our own lives and focus solely on ourselves. We are a collective bunch of egomaniacs.

When someone tells us what they are up to in their lives, good or bad, we listen but then we put it through our very own internal processor and the information that comes out in the other end is basically categorise in 2 ways.

This information has a direct impact on me. Yes or no?

Most of the time the information ends up in the “No”, pile. This means the information that you are receiving, although may be interesting, it is automatically gone once the conversation is over. This information was evaluated as having no impact to your life. It will not remain on your radar for a very long time. You might mention it to someone else but then it ends there.

Regardless of who the person you are talking too, whether it be your friend, family, spouse, your soulmate. It does not matter who it is. The information you are relaying will never be as important to them as it is to you because it is your life to live.

This does not mean that the receiver of the information is not thrilled about your success or sad for your struggle. It does not mean they don’t care or like you. The information just did not have the life alternating effect that it had on you. It ended there for them.

This is a normal way of processing stuff.

You don't want people all up in your business all the time telling you their opinion of your life. Live your life for you and celebrate your own moments.

Reality is your important moments are special to you not anyone else. You are impacted by what happens in your life but everyone around you may not have seen it the same way, the impact was less to them or not at all.

To be blunt, take a step back egomaniac. No one cares about every moment of your life because we are all busy living our own lives. This is the way it should be. To feel people around you should be completely tuned into your every wants, needs or feelings is ridiculous. We all have stuff going on.

So many people get angry or hurt because others don’t celebrate days on end or remember their victories.

Always remember that we are self-absorbed beings, and completely wrapped up into our own lives, creating our own scenarios that we don’t notice anybody around us. In essence, we outsiders to your life don’t notice what is happening in your life because we are busy dealing with our own celebrations or demons. We are busy living our own lives.

Don’t get me wrong, people are happy things are going well for you and you had a great moment or that you are struggling and need to regroup but to be angry that we don’t spend days or. weeks focusing only on you is ridiculous. We all need to take care of ourselves at all time. If I'm focusing only on you, then what happens to me?

Snap out of it!

Do stuff for you and your satisfaction. You don’t need my standing ovation to be great. Know that you are great, we are proud of you and you be happy with you.

Remember, we all have our own journey to get through and what is important to you may never even phase me. It does not mean that it is not important, just not something that I needed for my own growth.

My big moments are, just that, mine. I completely understand when people say, I don’t remember that and I usually think to myself, interesting, it impacted me more than them.

Live your big moments and don’t worry about anyone else's praises.

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